Our Philosphy

At JCM Design we believe that a website is not a "thing", it is a process, and it is part of a continuous moving world. Websites require continual improvement, either through text updates, or to be fully accessible on the internet without any glitches. We strive to make your ideas happen, and dreams come true. We love to challenge and be challenged in our website and graphic design work.

Our Motivation

We believe if you have a dream to get yourself, or your business, on the web, then we want to make that happen for you. Affordable, professional website design specifically for you. We make your ideas happen. We strive to make each project we work on to be one-of-a-kind and that you do not have to do any work on it.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work" - Aristotle

Our Latest Work

Our Services

Web Design

Whatever your ideas may be to have your own website, we will work to make that happen. We strive to make your ideas a reality. We have been designing websites since 2005, and have always wanted to create websites that were affordable for anyone. It can be very time consuming to get your website organized and designed, that is why there are a lot of "drag-and-drop" companies now that will allow you to design and create your own website. However, in one way or another, the end results of these sites is that there is a limitation to creativity and expression. At JCM Design it is our goal to make your website to look as unique as possible. None of our website projects looks alike. Contact us to request an appointment to sit and talk. We do not include prices over the phone or by email for any of our services.

Graphic Design

Ever since 2007, JCM Design started with some light graphic design. Now in 2020, JCM Design has expanded their team and are able to offer more graphic design services. We are now proficient in more areas: Flyers; Brochures; Logo's; Book Covers. Contact us to get more information on how JCM Design may help your graphic design needs.

Consultations Self-Publishing Your Book

JCM Design offers their services to consult with individuals on how they might be able to self-publish their book. We have been able to get "Saved & Listening" published through a self-publishing company, and are able to sit and talk with you to help you publish your work through similar or other companies. Contact us if you have more questions regarding self-publishing, and set up a time and date to sit and talk.

Computer Services

Computers can be terrible to work with. If you wish to learn how to use Word, PowerPoint, or even how to use Webmail, JCM Design now offers their services to help you on how to use those programs. If you have problems, like viruses or other issues, with your computer, and wish for us to have a look at it, then we will come out to you and look into what might be the cause. This is a local only offered service. We also offer the service to help you learn how to use Dreamweaver in a way that you can do basic updates (like text, images and youtube videos) yourself. Please contact us to get more information.